Working with Lynda

Energetically imprinted on your personal blueprint is everything that has happened in your life. Each room holds an experience.

Start with the small things: your favourite toys, TV shows, and pass-times. Next, your relationships: your first kiss, childhood friends, co-workers, and colleagues. Your blueprint is starting to fill out, but let’s think bigger: your family, health issues, trauma, and grief. Step back and admire your blueprint. What does it look like? What rooms are the biggest? Are some rooms walled off or windowless, never to be opened again? It’s your blueprint, but it is not the final product.

You are the architect, I am your guide. Are you ready to start opening doors?

“In your life things happen, and when they do, what will you do?

What have you done?  Do you stop living?  Loving?  Trusting?  Shut down or withdraw?

Become invisible?  Live in pain and suffering?”

~ Pete Bernard